ZoRa Photo Director

Welcome to the ZoRa Photo Director
ZoRa Photo Director is a powerful digital asset management system for photographers


ZoRa Photo Director can manage large sets of digital images and videos. It helps you organizing photos by queries over image, EXIF and IPTC properties, to find images by similarity, to geotag and geoname images, and much more...

ZoRa Photo Director comes free of charge and can be used without any restrictions. The source code is published on Github.

Latest News

September 10, 2023
ZoRa Photo Director v4.0.0 released

New viewing perspective; Cloning of galleries; High resolution option in the Preview view; Bookmarking in slideshows; Blacklisting of unwanted keywords; Improved dual image viewer; Easy EXIF data lens change; Complete redesign of the Map view and geographic components; Numerous other detail improvements and bug fixes.

September 1, 2022
ZoRa Photo Director v3.10.0 released

Sampler to collect images from different collections; New action for convenient titling of images; The internal image viewer can now also display non-local images; Explanation texts for image properties; Major improvements in proximity search (area definition, object location); DIY web gallery
Bug fixes

February 2, 2022

ZoRa Photo Director v3.9.0 released

Quick access to search functions via the space bar; Face regions can now be shown and edited in the Preview view; Manual definition of face regions in the Preview view; Search images by time of day or by sun altitude; Similarity search for external images; Scroll by letter in the catalog view; Undo for catalog operations;

Bug fixes



Acquire images and movies from digital and analog sources
Import RAW images (DCRAW/RawTherapee) and convert to DNG
Manage relationships between images
Extract and edit EXIF and IPTC data
Extract face data from camera, Google Picasa, Microsoft Photo, and Adobe Lightroom
Geotag/geoname images using camera data, GPX or NMEA files or manual pinpointing
Record and play voice notes
Import foreign catalogs (Lightroom, Bibble)


Define collections based on query expressions
Enjoy automatic timeline, location tree, color coding, and creation of custom collections
Define albums and Bookmarks
Split, merge, and migrate catalogs
Edit and manage keywords
Categorize images using artificial intelligence
Create reports
Optional peer-to-peer and multi-catalog support
Customizable user interface


Search for keywords, proximity, or time span
Search for visual and semantic similarity
Search for dublettes, series, or orphans
Search for any text in EXIF or IPTC data
Find by persons, timeline, directory tree, category tree, location tree, or albums
Map view with selectable map engines


Export as image, PDF, or HTML
Export to folder, FTP, e-mail, Flickr, SmugMug, or Google Earth
Design slideshows, exhibitions, or web galleries
Batch image transformations when exporting to a folder
Generate 3D walk-through virtual exhibitions
Generate reports
Integrate external viewers and editors
Show images on small devices via integrated webserver